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When I got started with WordPress,I learned the basics to get around and put together a nice little site that I am fairly happy with and my colleague is managing to work with too. She’s more the words person and I’m the one in the background learning the hidden secrets of WordPress. I’ve found some of these tips really neat and useful but as we said earlier start with keeping your WordPress plugins up to date. If WordPress say there’s an upgrade, upgrade as old versions are often more prone to security hacks.

Presuming that you know your way around the WordPress dashboard enough to publish your blog, here’s a few tips that I’ve found helpful.

On your dashboard :

  • Enlarge the edit box for your post. In editor, you may well find that the size of the post you are working on is only 10 lines, re-size this so that you can see more.
  • Post page, all the widgets can be dragged and dropped to where you like them. I particularly like having the draft and publish buttons near the top.
  • Screen options – right hand side drop down menu and tick and un-check to manipulate what you see in summary view. You can make it as busy as you like or work with a clean minimalist screen.
  • More tag inserts ‘….more’ on you blog. When people view your blog they can read the first few lines and press more to read on so it streamlines your blog post. (Also keys to insert more tag – alt + shift + T)
  • Blockquote (“ ) select the text you require to put in blockquote and if offsets the words. Useful when you want to distinguish someone elses words or identify when it’s  from another source and provide a link to an external site. (keys are alt+shift+Q)
  • Creative Commons and free stock images, stock.xchng can be used to place images on your blog using the media button. Images can be placed with url. YouTube you can embed direct into your blog using the snippet of code (in html mode)
  • Full screen(alt+shift+G) mode button ideal if you want a minimalist screen. In html mode it really is very minimalist but have a look see how you feel about it. You can always exit full screen and return to the hub.
  • Help tab, top right hand side on screen. If you are stuck with anything it’s always worth taking a look here and checking how everyone else managed the problem.
  • Sticky, in publish box under visibility, there are various options available, among them you can make your post sticky so that you can keep it at the top of your posts irrelevant of when it was published. Ideal if you want to keep an offer or event to the fore.
  • In the publish box, you can also schedule your posts so if you are organised and have several posts written at once you can schedule them to be published at various times.
  • Revisions, if you need to work with your revisions you will first have to turn the option on in screen options. You can see all previous revisions, compare them and restore when you have reviewed them.

Buttons galore in WordPress to enhance your writing experience and your readers too, but check these out for starters and let me know what you think.