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Blogging does take a certain amount of dedication to keep it running smoothly, with regular updates and relevant content, but it is well worth the effort. Your blog is similar to your Facebook page in that you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your followers/customers. It allows you to prove you have a human face to your business and highlight your areas of expertise in your posts. If you update your blog on a regular basis, integrate links and categorise your content,the search engines will love your site because it contains fresh items/articles and it will rank you high in search results.

Simple items to keep in mind for producing a successful blog:

    • Spend some time jotting down topics, themes and ideas that are relevant to you business to give you a base-line from which you can form the basis of your online content. This can be done on a regular basis so you stay up-to-date with trends. Consider product reviews, items in the news and guest posts to widen your horizon. Use it to promote your blog but don’t always go for the hard sell. Provide hints, tips and ideas that are useful for your followers.
      • There are several ways to communicate on your blog, and video and audio are easily integrated, so your blog can become a vlog or a podcast. Don’t forget the images too, they can break up a heavy text pieces into manageable chunks, easier to read and visually more appealing.
      • If you write posts in advance and place on your blog you can use the schedule button to arrange exactly when you want the item to be published. If you have an event that ties into your blog you can time when you want it to run. (You can also programme a blog to stay at the top, if it’s relevancy is ongoing, a promotion of an event or competition for example.) Decide how often you will blog and with regular and consistent content it will develop a following.
      • To attract more readers and followers to your blog promote on social media. On Twitter, tweet your blogs using a snippet of text from the blog, rather than a blunt command to read your blog. On your Facebook business page promote your blog by sharing, comment and ask questions that will start a conversation.
      • Comments show people how influential you and your blog are but sometimes it’s difficult to start the conversation but asking a question at the end of your blog is worth trying. Read what people say in comments and respond to them. If they too have blogs, comment on theirs. Their posts may also be a good source for guest posts.

Start the conversation by writing your blog. Fill with tips, ideas and relevant content and you have a recipe for a successful blog that people will read and the the search engines will find and rank highly. Have you started a blog and it’s not working or have you tried something that’s really rocketed your number of followers? Share with us at WPDesignGenies.