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In my position, I don’t have the time to “train” an assistant. They need to know the programs I’m working with. I don’t expect them to know everything but I don’t mind paying for someone who is extremely versatile. I have an amazing marketing assistant now – Tamara – that is helping me let go of my control issues a bit. I’m so used to doing everything myself it’s weird when she says – Just ask me, I got it! ;). Makes me go “DUH” I have a VA who knows these programs. Why am I wasting time trying to figure it out? If anyone is wondering … I’ll share her with you, but only if you promise not to tell too many people, she is AWESOME!! Love her to death. Super on the ball, knowledgeable, and teaches me as we go along. The only downside is she won’t fit in my back pocket. I’d LOVE to carry her around with me all day, keep her all to myself, and pull her out when I need to pick her brain 😉 Tamara Baranova YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!

BE Movement Method & BE Movement Studio

Wendy Conner

Coach, BE Movement Studio