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WordPress powers 25% of the entire world wide web, according to VentureBeat, as of a 2015 survey. This free and open source content management system is easier to manage which perfectly fits the need to small to medium-sized businesses.

It helps cut cost for those who can’t afford the high fees of hiring their very own developer to make continuously updates on their website.

Since it is the most popular platform to use, it also poses itself to a lot of major security threats.So prevention is always better than cure and you can always do the same for your website.

Constant monitoring and keeping an eye on your website helps safeguard your assets. This will not only keep your website from security threats but also guarantee that it’s running smoothly at all times.

Today, we’re going to share with you a quick overview about WordPress security. On the infographics below, you will learn more about the different ways that your website can get hacked, the reason for these attacks and how to stay safe online!



Remember these tips to keep your website secure:

  • All plugins, themes and WordPress itself should be regularly updated
  • Delete plugins and themes you are not using
  • Use strong passwords for all users
  • Install a quality security plugin to protect your admin area and core essential files
  • Monitor your website for malware and viruses that hackers could inject (especially if you use a shared hosting plan)
  • Invest in a better quality hosting that monitors and secures its hosting servers
  • Struggling to set this all up? Feeling overwhelmed with tech and what you need to do?

We have a solution! Sign up for one of our WordPress Support Packages here and we’ll take care of your WordPress website(s) for you!