Select Page more and more people access websites via mobile devices, the need for your beautifully crafted site to be mobile-friendly becomes very important. You may have a site that looks fine on a desktop computer but when viewed on a mobile device looks completely different.

How do you overcome this problem and get your site looking right?

Check your site for mobile performance at

Here your site can be checked for mobile-readiness. The tools evaluate various areas and shows you how and where you need to make changes. It’s a comprehensive check so if you need any help, please get in touch.

You can build a mobile-friendly site from scratch but if you have a WordPress site then you have access to several plugins available both free and paid for.


WordPress Mobile Pack


This plugin has a mobile switcher which selects a theme, according to the mobile device being used to access a site. It is possible to change the colours to match your branding by editing CSS code and further customise the plugin if you have coding experience. Without any customising it’s very basic but it is free.


Wapple architect mobile plugin for WordPress


With Wapple architect you can customise your blog very quickly.Your current site style is retained and the url remains the same whether viewing on mobile or desktop. So, no redirection for your mobile version of your site. The plugin does require a dev key which can be time consuming to set up and also has a cost to take into account. As a plugin for simple sites and blogs it is ideal, but if you have a more complex site it may be better to develop a custom responsive theme.


WP Touch


A very popular, easy to use plugin. The theme is stylish and easily customised. Customisable by style, colour, branding options, 10 languages to choose and much more. There are both premium (paid) and free versions available. The paid version supports custom post types, it may be advisable to invest in this if your site is complex. Very simple to use and no changes to coding necessary.




Automatically this plugin detects the type of mobile browser a user is viewing your site with and activates the mobile theme you have chosen. Multiple mobile themes can be installed and linked to different mobile browsers for optimum performance.

If you have a mobile website or WAP this plugin will detect and allows you to redirect your mobile traffic to the mobile/WAP site.
It could be worth considering a pre-made mobile theme (free – to get the most from this plugin.

At the moment, if cost is a problem, any of the above WordPress plugins can be used to get you onto a mobile screen, which considering the proliferation of mobile technology, is an absolute must.

Reviewing your site at MobiReady will give you some insights into what problems you are up against and how you could make a website more mobile friendly. It may alter how you design your blogs and pages.

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