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graphicdesignThe answer to that question has to be: it really does depend on what you want your website to do, how many extras do you need, who is going to build the site, if you will require a custom design.

The pricing can be broken down into three areas:

  • WordPress, basically free, although there might be costs related to plugins and themes.
  • Custom design time taken by a designer plus any amendments they have to do based on your feedback.
  • The time and energy put into building the site by a developer, converting the design into a WordPress theme (or customising a theme based on the design).

The main hub of your website, the themes and plugins required in main are all free, it’s not until you decide to use premium themes and plugins that you will start to pay for it.

WordPress may have many free themes and plugins but it doesn’t mean that they are worthless , rather that they, like WordPress, have been put together by many developers and programmers who love what they do. The overall effect is a system that should have cost thousands to build but in many cases, is yours to use for free.

Premium themes can cost between $50 – $100 and plugins can cost between $10 – $200 depending on licensing requirements.

Having planned out what you want your website to achieve and if you find you are unable to handle the work yourself and need to involve others, how much will this cost?

Two things now to consider are:

  • What amount of work needs doing? Could it be just a few hours or more complex and take weeks?
  • How much should I get charged for this type of work?

In the UK, freelancing can be anything between £20 ph to £600 ph ( large agency). At WP Design Genies, we discover what you want from your website and set a price, that way you know there’s no surprises.

So back to the original question, and how much will a website cost?

DIY: if you are able to do it all yourself than it can cost from zero to about £200.00 and if you went to a top agency you could be looking at £250K.

Still not sure? Contact us and see what we can offer to help get your website off the ground. We have various web design packages available , £570+VAT (business site) or £850+VAT (ecommerce or large membership portals) , check them out here.