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Breaking down the whole of any project into smaller pieces, really helps you get things done. It’s far easier to go step by step, and see you’ve achieved a part of the whole, rather than looking at what you want to achieve and not have any moves to take you there.
There may seem too much to do, too many things to decide and little idea of what to do first. So to make the work easier step by step gets you there with:

  1. Decide on and register your domain name. Research keywords that represent your business and brainstorm some ideas before registering.
  2. Choose a host for your site, which is reliable and offers features you need. Does it fit your budget? If you are UK based you can use a UK based hosting service.
  3. Determine why you are building a website. What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish? Knowing your goals will enable you to match the different elements of your site and ensure your website supports your business plan.
  4. A plan, the major part, plan your website in whatever way you feel comfortable with. Pen and paper, or mind mapping software, the plan will help you maintain consistency and stay organised. What pages will your website have? Which keywords will you use (remember which keywords people use when searching for similar businesses,services.)
  5. How will your website be built? Will you outsource the webdesign and development? Will you build it yourself? Which software programme or design language will you use? Take your time to decide which is the right choice for you and your needs.
  6. Website build. Using the previous steps you should now find yourself comfortably in a position to start building your website with plan and goals identified. If you are outsourcing the work to a designer, then pass your plan and goals on to them and they will know what you want to achieve with your website.

Website build overwhelm has now been successfully dealt with and the process has been broken into manageable pieces. Your progress through the different parts of the build are identifiable and can be ticked off your list!