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The name you choose for your business has many other parts to it. It has marketing, branding and internet recognition to consider too. SEDO propose that you think like your customer when choosing your domain name:

  • what words do they use to search the web,
  • what do they call you,
  • what are the differences, what’s your USP.

When you have decided on you name, it is worth considering acquiring other common mistypes of your name to maximise search capabilities and increase your brand presence.

  • don’t just look at the common suffixes: .biz, .org, .com
  • consider what the others suffixes say about you: .me, .mobi, .net; do they market you more effectively?
  • is it more memorable with a different suffix? All variations of your domain names can be then pointed to one main website.

Have you chosen the most generic product term? Research shows that 70% of searches on the internet use the product description rather than the product name.

Use the address bar of your browser to type your domain name in to check if it’s registered. If it’s not registered type into a search engine and check results. If the results are high there is a general interest in the subject matter and your next move is to register the site:

  • is it memorable?
  • does it work when you consider SEO marketing?
  • what does it say about you?

Domain Names – selection tips:

  • too quirky and people may be concerned and decide you are too strange to deal with;
  • consider registering with a generic name; you can always expand upon this later.
  • does an abstract name work or are you better to choose a more explanatory one?
  • check that the name doesn’t translate into another language as something you’d rather not be known as or for, if you decide to trade abroad;
  • make sure it looks right in English too (especially when words are linked together – some funny examples here);
  • what do you want the name to represent?
  • does it reflect the right impression?
  • paying a little for a domain name appears more professional even if you don’t want to have a website straight away, but you can use your business email;
  • try and strike balance between the brand names that are taken and personalising an address with your name or locality that you work in.
  • simplicity means the address is easier to remember and type.

Check before making your final decision:

  • your domain name is free before you register;
  • which to choose – uk or net? there isn’t much difference, whatever suits you and tells people more about your company;
  • don’t forget you can separate words using and hyphens or numbers;
  • pricing – when you begin searching for your domain name prices are relatively low but pricing will rise as you search;
  • registration: register with the National Business Register, set up a company and register a trademark. (Do this through SMARTA who offer this service.) Professional binder and official documents are usually sent within 3 days.