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The Basics of SEO for your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complicated subject to a lot of website owners. Here at WP Design Genies we often get asked questions about successful SEO practices for a business blog. So here are the top questions that will help understand the basics of SEO...

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Business Blogging for SEO

As you may know I have been focusing on blogging recently at the talks I've been doing, and am due to be doing later this year.  It's been interesting to see how few local business owners have a blog, and of those who do, how little blogging they are actually doing!...

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Easy ways to share your blog

Now that you have crafted your blog and are truly proud of it, time to share it! Have you ever read a blog and thought you would like to share it with friends and colleagues? Then looked for the 'share' button only to find nothing there. How desperate are you to share...

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What’s the best blogging platform

Blogging was initially just available to few limited people who had the technical know-how to manage their own site. Now there are a growing number of blogging platforms emerging that make it really easy for anyone to start their own blog. So, the question is – ‘Which...

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Websites – The Raw Facts

A good website is a combination of many different elements; it has to be pleasing to the eye, functional, user friendly and to be easily found in order to get the best return on your investment. That investment being your valuable time or your hard earned cash. Do...

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