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A new section has been launched on the website, which is devoted to controversial cases of prescribing Sildenafil citrate-containing drugs with the aim of treating erectile dysfunction in patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The fact is that all the medications the active substance of which is Sildenafil citrate – and the most famous of them is Viagra, others are its generics – are not recommended to be taken by men who have heart problems or diseases of the vascular system. However, modern achievements in the field of medicine allow producing generic Viagra with a milder effect on the patient’s body than the original drug. This makes the question of the advisability of using generic Viagra for the treatment of potency disorders in men with a weak heart controversial

In this section, we will explore the opinions of different urologists about the possibility of prescribing Viagra to such patients, and also find out in which cases refusal to take Sildenafil will be an excessive precaution, and what dosages are suitable in cases of compensated heart insufficiency and hypertension. Find further information HERE